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This is OBO

Just when you think you have achieved a lot, it is time to take the next step.

1911 Building foundation by company founder Franz Bettermann. His own
sheet-metal factory for fastening technology is the result.

1932 From now on, metal and plastic characterise the once again expanded range with the start of duroplastic
and thermoplastic compression and injection moulding.

1972 The OBO V-15 sets new standards in surge protection and is the
beginning of the numerous innovations in this field.

1986 Consistent expansion of OBO's subsidiary companies and branch offices
from Philadelphia to Peking, from Helsinki to Johannesburg.

1992 Founding of OBO Bettermann Hungary kft. near Budapest, which today
is OBO's central production and logistics location for south-eastern Europe.

1993 Michail S. Gorbechev, Henry A. Kissinger and Hans-Dietrich Genscher are
the first guests at the Menden Forum organised by U.L. Bettermann.

1996 The new BET research centre, with one of the largest surge-current generators in Europe and countless testing units, is opened.

2003 New standards of flexibility and speed are set by the commissioning of the
world's most modern galvanisation plant
in Hungary.

2004 OBO BETTERMANN continues to promote the Dahl-Kanal brand,
supported by a market presence spanning over 40 years, as an independent product range. DAHL-
KANAL is market leader in the field of wiring ducts.

2006 OBO continues the production and brand of the company founded by, and
named after, Albert Ackermann in 1919. This means that OBO is the market leader
in the underfloor systems sector and one of the world's leading systems providers for
cable management.

2010 OBO takes over production facility for electrical products
of the precision pipe manufacturer Vincent Wiederholt, founded in 1909,
and develops its activities in the pipe sector, closing
the gap in cable routing.

2011 OBO turns 100 years young and expands. On an area of
30,000 square metres, OBO completes a 40 million euro, futuristic
production facility with integrated, globally unique long-goods hot galvanisation system.

2012 Takeover of the market leader in cable management products in South Africa and
delisting by Johannesburg Stock Exchange. With the over 700 O-LINE and ARMCO
employees on the African continent, the Bettermann
Group employees over 3,000 people around the world.

OBO Bettermann produces 30,000 articles with 4,000 employees and achieves an
annual turnover level of over EUR 550 million with more than 40 subsidiary companies.